About Exhibition 'Still'

After seeing an exhibition of “Velasquez to Goya” I was left with an overwhelming desire to paint still life. This Body of work entitled STILL stems from my belief that the spirit of past painting can be retained and that as art is a reflection of society and although moving forward into technology, we cannot forget how we arrived at his point.

Art does not necessarily have to be totally technological and mass produced, but can still retain some of the images of the natural beauty of this world captured in the mediums of the past.

This does not mean that I consider my work historical. It does mean that I believe photographic and computer generated art has not and will not totally replace painting as a record or reflection of society.  Photography and computer images stand alone as art forms, as does painting, but can be developed to integrate, complement and enhance each other… These art forms reflect the present but have been developed from the past.

Each of my pieces of work is a metaphor for the origins that have been removed changed and developed. Memories last with remnants and souvenirs and exhibits and even when removed from their original environment, retain aspects of themselves and bring history into the present and the future.

There is a duality throughout my work in meaning and in subject matter.  I have found it necessary in expressing myself to juxtapose and superimpose images thus creating a tension between surfaces and translation and interpretation.

My desire to paint is forever challenged by the lure of technology but by using painting as an expression of myself and my ideas I can fulfill a fundamental need.

STILL- In the future as in the past
STILL- “a pretty mocking of the life” (Shakespeare)
STILL- Evaporates, atomises, vaporises, changes from the original form but remains.
STILL- Remains as souvenirs, memories and mementos